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Examination gloves

Examination gloves are divided into two general groups made of natural latex and non-natural latex. Gloves without natural latex are divided into two groups: nitrile and vinyl, which are free of new allergenic agents I (latex allergy). In the production of natural silk latex gloves in Iran, the Low Protein Technology process has been used to reduce the amount of water-based proteins, which is the main cause of allergies.

Surgical gloves

Made of natural latex, sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, test to control the absence of ethylene oxide gas in the package, has a comfortable coating feature, continuous quality control by laboratories equipped with silk, the ability to track and recall the product to the end of the user, without any Medicinal drug, packaged in a clean room with a class of 10 thousand particles per cubic meter, reduction of allergens (water-based protein) by HLP technology.

Industrial gloves

Multi-layer with cotton powder inner coating to prevent sweating, layer on the palm to provide more protection and increase resistance to cut and tear, anatomical design with good hand movement pattern and flexibility during work, two separate colors on the floor Hands and feet of gloves, resistant to detergents, with tread suitable for more attachment to smooth surfaces and work tools, disinfected and environmentally friendly.

Datam teb Jam Store

Datam Teb Jam Co., Ltd with various agencies in the field of medical equipment, has an online store where you can buy medical equipment in bulk and in part, just go to the store and submit your request. Register and receive your goods as soon as possible.

Our customers and partners

mehr hospital

Mehr Hospital

Mehr Hospital is the first private hospital in Iran, which was established in 1325 by the efforts of the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Sadr and a few of his friends, all of whom were well-known professors and doctors, and started working on Amirieh Street in Tehran. In 1341, it was moved to its current location on Zarathustra Street. Today, Mehr Hospital is the oldest and one of the largest, most equipped and well-known private hospitals in the country and the Middle East.

Asia Hospital

Asia Specialized and Sub-Specialized Hospital is located in one of the central areas of Tehran (District 6 of the municipality). Providing appropriate services in a higher quality, in increasing the level of patient satisfaction and the upward trend of their recovery, takes valuable steps to improve the health and treatment of the country.

asia hospital
بیمارستان مهر

Iran Mehr Hospital

Iranmehr Hospital is a specialized and sub-specialized hospital that was established in 1975 to provide medical services and advanced care based on adherence to human dignity. The presence of prominent professors, experienced physicians and committed personnel has made this center one of the best private hospitals in Iran, in the minds and hearts of patients. The location of this hospital in Tehran is on the east side of Shariati St., Gholhak intersection. This hospital is privately run. From the beginning of its establishment, along with scientific and technical developments in various fields of medicine, the level of providing services to patients in this center has been continuously improved. Doctors, nursing staff and hospital management make every effort to provide patients with the highest international standards of medical care while maintaining their dignity and respect.

Bozak Digital Advertising and Marketing Group

The purpose and beginning of the activity of Bezak advertising group is based on being able to
A young and experienced team interested in the best services in the digital market
Mendan put.
We were able to do something with the presence of an experienced team and the presence of experts in this field
Figure out that all employers and enthusiasts in this field express satisfaction with the group
Have decorations. Based on this, it has a great position in this field and is one of them
Be the best in this job.
Each member of the group using the latest science in the field of digital marketing and branding
They are among the first people in this field and using this science, the most up-to-date services
Do in this area. It can be said to be up-to-date for the development of your business
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Make your business one of the most up-to-date in your industry.


AKH Trading

Export and import of medical gloves with the official license of the Islamic Republic.

Iran harir Gloves Company

Datam Teb Jam Company is the official representative of Harir Company.

kian hospital

Kian Hospital

Kian Hospital with more than 40 years of service with the benefit of experienced and committed staff and the use of medical science equipment and technologies with the ultimate goal of maintaining, providing and promoting community health diagnostic and therapeutic services in all areas of treatment and emergency to the people Sharif offers Tehran province.

Bushehr Oil Industry Health

Datam Teb Jam Company, in continuous cooperation with Bushehr Health and Medical Industry, tries to be able to minimize all medical needs in this city.

اتمی بوشهر

Bushehr Atomic Energy Organization

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear facility in Iran, which is a type of compressed water reactor with a production capacity of 1024 MW. Atmostroy Export Company is the main contractor of this power plant. The construction of this power plant was started in 1975 by the direct order of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi by the German company Siemens and it was supposed to be put into operation by the end of 1985. After the revolution of 1978, its construction was completely stopped. Finally, in 1995, an agreement was signed between Iran and Russia to complete it, and the completion of the power plant lasted until September 2011. In the second government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Bushehr power plant started generating electricity and is still operating with a capacity of 700 MW.

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